We reported a few months ago that Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright (the geniuses who gave us Shaun of the Dead) were hard at work on Hot Fuzz, his follow up film. According to Pegg, Fuzz is "like a British Shane Black movie," in which he was set to star alongside Nick Frost (Shaun's Ed) as "mismatched cops who team up in a West Country backwater." Now, though, it sounds as if Pegg's statement may have been misunderstood by the press - Moviehole is reporting that, while he (and Frost, presumably) will indeed appear in the film, the lead roles will in fact be played by ex-Bond Timothy Dalton and Jim Broadbent. Sounds good to me - both men are incredibly talented, and it would be a treat to see Dalton doing clever comedy. The movie is set to begin filming soon, so hopefully we'll have some answers sooner than later.

Meanwhile, from another corner of the internet comes a rumor about Spike Jonze's eager-anticipated (or maybe that's just me) live-action Where the Wild Things Are adaptation: Better Than Fudge reports that Catherine Keener told Charlie Rose that she's been cast as Max's mother, and will be acting alongside puppets created by Jim Henson's studio. Again, promising news (at least the Henson part) - if it's true.
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