I usually decide how I'll watch a film long before it hits the theaters. For example, 'Rocky Balboa', to me, feels like a pay per view rental. Perhaps, depending on the buzz, I may upgrade it to a Blockbuster rental (Yes, I am the only soul living on this planet who still rents films from Blockbuster) should I feel it deserves a walk to the store.

In saying that, a small script review for'Rocky Balboa' showed up online via an AICN reader and, from what I've read thus far, this puppy appears to be heading straight for pay per view, if not cable. The actual review doesn't give away too much, aside from a rant on Sylvester Stallone's horrible grammar and vocabulary skills, however it does provide us with the basic plot. OK, here's where I'll shine my "Beware of SPOILERS" sign ...

One of the questions on my mind, story-wise, was why 'Rocky Balboa' is coming out of retirement to fight again? Well, without reciting the entire review, how about I just share this part with you: "Meanwhile, the rocket scientists at ESPN have designed a computer program that pits current fighters against the classics. After using CGI to pit Mason Dixon against the Philly slugger, 'analysts' realize they have a great fight on their hands." See, if Rocky would have decided to step back into the ring after producing a failed reality show ... wait, that is what happened. Nevermind. CGI rocks!

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