While I'm not so sure 10 seconds of any movie could satisfy even the biggest fan, all you M. Night fanatics may enjoy this tiny segment from his upcoming Lady in the Water. Thanks to an anonymous tipster who showed us the way, the clip itself features an older woman sitting at a table, when in the midst of her conversation, she sticks her tongue out and snatches up a little something buzzing around the area.

It's small. It's cute. It's a bit bizarre. But it's a tiny taste of what to expect from one of this summer's highly anticipated films. Water tells the story of a building manager (Paul Giamatti) who discovers a mysterious girl (Bryce Dallas Howard) in the pool nearby. When he learns that she's actually a character from some bedtime story who's lost and trying to find her way home, he looks to help the girl while dodging those out to get her. Lady in the Water hits your local theater on July 21st.


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