Way back in 2001, Stephen Norrington told AICN that he had agreed to direct a film based on The Hands of Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu, a Marvel Comics series from the 1970s about the son of evil mastermind Fu Manchu. According to Norrington, the movie was going to be "a real honest-to-goodness martial arts film, rather than a film that simply has martial arts in it," and would be light on wire-work. No, you didn't miss it - the movie never happened. Instead, it disappeared from the internet radar until 2004, at which point it resurfaced as The Hands of Shang-Chi, with Ang Lee attached as producer.

Listed on the IMDB with a 2005 release date, the project again languished, only to be revived this year by a couple of fairly reliable sources. Shang-Chi first reappeared in January on stanleeweb, where it was revealed that Stan Lee had agreed to executive produce the film for DreamWorks, with Yuen Woo-ping directing from a Bruce McKenna screenplay. Then, most recently, Ang Lee told a Spanish newspaper that he was, in fact, still involved in producing the film, and confirmed that Yuen - whose fight choreography credits include both Kill Bills and all of the Matrix movies - is the (current) director.

There is still no information on offer, however, about a cast or start date, and the movie may well just disappear again for another few years.

[via The Movie Blog]
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