In their wide-ranging coverage of New York's enormous Comic Con, the always interesting folks over at CBR provide us with some very good coverage of a Q and A session with one of the crown princes of geek film, Kevin Smith. Smith, who was a guest of honor at the weekend, dressed in his Silent Bob look and fielded questions for over two hours, with his typical mix of humor, candor, and self-deprecation. We've already heard what he had to say about why he backed down on the Green Hornetproject ("It probably would have just been him and Kato standing around the whole movie talking about getting laid"), and continued by intoning the inherent problems in trusting IMDB, which still had Smith connected to the film. Smith built on that by suggesting that while he loves comic book movies, he just doesn't think he has the talent required to pull it off.

Smith also (again) took hits for his failure to complete two Marvel comic projects in any sort of timely manner. He further noted that he is no longer attached to any DC Comics projects that had been previously connected with his name, quipping “I’ve decided, based on my inability to produce a script on time, that I should never go near a comic book again. I’m probably even going to screw up reading them at some point in the future.”

When asked about start-up financing, Smith first suggested selling sexual favors, and then told the story of how he had lied about his job and income to several credit card companies to help finance Clerks, his breakthrough indie film. To read the rest of CBR's coverage on the interview, click here.
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