I saw excerpts from the documentary Imelda last year and was struck by how fond Imelda Marcos was of music, and how important a part she seemed to feel music played in her life. Perhaps David Byrne noticed the same thing about the former first lady of the Philippines and was inspired. In recent years, former Talking Heads lead Byrne has tried a number of different ventures, such as film composer (he won an Oscar for The Last Emperor) and director (remember True Stories?). Now, he's venturing into the world of stage musicals.

Byrne convinced Fatboy Slim to collaborate on a production about the life of Imelda Marcos, from her childhood through the presidency of her husband Ferdinand Marcos, with a focus on her love of disco music. The story is told primarily through songs written by Fatboy Slim and Byrne. Here Lies Love will open in Australia at the Adelaide Festival on March 9 with Byrne as narrator, and he hopes to take the production on tour this year. An album with the two musicians' songs from the production will be released in early 2007.
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