Someone at Disney was evidently very impressed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff's screenplay for The Day After Tomorrow, because the studio hired him to do rewrites on three different projects. The first, Prince of Persia, is one of those increasingly rare Uwe Boll-free video game movies. Based on an old-school (from 1989!) game, the plot of which seems to boil down to the threat of a, um, humanity-destroying sandstorm, the movie will be made for Disney's Jerry Bruckheimer Films. Also being made through Bruckheimer Films is another of Nachmanoff's rewrites, Unnatural History. Since the movie has pretty much the same exact plot as Night at the Museum except without the funny (it sounds like Jurassic Park in the Natural History Museum), that rewrite must have been epic - I wonder if an entirely new plot was involved. The final movie on Nachmanoff's plate is Liberty, about which I got all excited back in December. A big-budget action flick, the film "takes place after an electromagnetic pulse disables the infrastructure of the country," and "revolves around a ragtag group of Americans who must use technology from the 1940s and '50s to defend against a foreign invasion." I know I'm probably being far too optimistic here, but I still think it sounds awesome.

Though there's no word on when any of these films will go into production, Nachmanoff's work on Unnatural History is reportedly finished, so that one may go first.
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