As Karina reported last fall, Warner Brothers thinks it's a brilliant idea to have Roland Emmerich direct an epic about "three stages in the development of primitive man." Huh? Sorry, I dozed off for a second there. Entitled 10,000 B.C., the movie "centers on a young tribal mammoth hunter at the dawn of modern man as he embarks on an epic journey through uncharted territory to secure the future of his dying tribe." Though Emmerich originally insisted that his cast was going to be filled with total unknowns via open calls, he's instead cast Camilla Belle and Steven Strait, a pair of kids who Warner's fervently hopes are about to explode into megastardom.

After playing small roles in about a billion things (including Poison Ivy II and an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger), Belle recently starred in the When a Stranger Calls remake. Strait, an ex-model (gee, that's a great start) who has made very few screen appearances, is currently filming Renny Harlin's The Covenant, in which he co-stars. Talented or not, rest assured that both of them will look damn good in torn animal skins. Really, isn't that all that matters?
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