Universal Studios Home Entertainment has announced that the DVD version of Peter Jackson'sKing Kong is set to destroy your living room on March 28th. Like with practically every DVD released today, you will have a choice between a single disc version priced at about 30 bucks and a special two-disc set for roughly the same price.

While neither one comes with an option that helps trim a good hour off the film (Oh, you know you want it!), the two-disc special edition will feature an introduction by Jackson, nearly three hours worth of post-production diaries and two featurettes focusing on Skull Island and 1930s New York. From the looks of it right now, it appears we'll have to wait a bit longer for Jackson's six-hour version of Kong. Ya know, the one in which Adrien Brody and company accidentally land on Middle Earth before heading over to Skull Island? Oh, I'm already saving my pennies for that buried treasure.