Comics Continuum has put together great roundup of Todd McFarlane's panel appearance this weekend at New York's Comic-Con. Though the talk was wide-ranging, McFarlane spoke extensively about his upcoming movie projects, including both David Fincher's Torso (which McFarlane is producing) and a second Spawn film. Among other things, McFarlane confirmed that Torso is a long way off - when he finishes Zodiac, Fincher will go to work on another project (presumably Benjamin Button); after that wraps is the earliest Torso could get off the ground.

When it came to the new Spawn project, though, McFarlane spoke optimistically about starting production before the end of the year, and having the film in theaters by 2007. He's currently finishing up the script, which is less a sequel than a completely new story, focusing on the character of Twitch. Said McFarlane, "Spawn doesn't utter a word in this film. The guy will all the speaking parts is Twitch." Though the film is not yet associated with a studio, McFarlane (who will be making his directorial debut with the project) assured listeners that he has several interested studios, and that a deal will be done once the screenplay is finalized. With an expected budget of less than $10 million, the director envisions the film as very different from the original, which cost four times that amount. Instead of worrying much about effects, he hopes for something more simple: "a gritty, dark, scary, creepy movie."
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