Well folks, it appears as if our dreams for a Star Trek 11 have officially been squashed. TrekWeb reports that Doug Mirabello, who is Rick Berman's personal assistant, told Dreamwatch magazine (Wait, so magazines interview assistants now?) that you may as well forget about a new Star Trek film or TV series for the time being. Man, I can almost taste the tears forming under your eyes - but trust me, I've been there. You know what they say: If you love something, set it free. And if it comes back, then it's yours forever.

Maybe personal assistant Doug Mirabello needs some time away...to heal. In fact, he says, "I think this is actually for the best – the public needs to want to see Star Trek again. The best way to achieve this is to take it away for a few years and then bring it back and do it right. The franchise needs a totally new creative team, some time off, and a cool new approach." Oh yeah, and what if I meet another Sci-Fi series while you're gone Doug? Huh? And what if we hit it off and I don't want your Star Trek anymore? Something tells me it would be awfully hard to be just friends.

Mirabello also admitted that Erik Jendresen'sStar Trek: The Beginning script has been trashed and plans for Patrick Stewart to make a return as well as other past Trek heroes is a long shot at best. So, do you think Mirabello is right? Do you feel as if a longer wait would produce a better product? Or are you itching for more Star Trek right now?

[via Moviehole]

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