Odds and ends for today:
  • According to a Marvel panelist at last weekend's Comic-Con, the studio hasn't ruled out a fourth Blade movie (Wesley Snipes is supposedly already signed for the project). As a shameless fan of even the horrible Blade: Trinity, I'm fully in favor of another installment. That said, however, since reports indicate Trinity actually lost money, one wonders how Marvel expects to profit from another try.
  • According to an anonymous tipster to an Arnold Schwarzenegger fansite, the president of Warner Brothers is fervently hoping that The Governator is not reelected this fall. It's not, however, because he's embarrassed to have an action star for a governor - instead, he supposedly is desperate for Schwarzenegger to reprise his role as Conan the Barbarian in the character's return to the big screen. In the event of a Schwarzenegger loss, the film could conceivably be ready for release in December 2007. Can you handle the tension?
  • Stacey Snider, the Universal chairman we told you last week was being courted by Paramount to run their newly-acquired DreamWorks division, has officially made the jump. According to the AP, Snider will share the "chairman and CEO" title with DreamWorks founder David Geffen.
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