As any Johnny Depp fan worth their weight in Cry Baby memorabilia knows by now, The Weinstein Company released Depp's latest, The Libertine, on just one screen, for just one week in November – just long enough to qualify for Oscar consideration without  the need for a major marketing campaign. When critics reacted mixedly and the guilds and academies didn't react at all, TWC apparently scrapped plans for a later, larger release. This did not sit well with the fans; a post I wrote about the film's disappearance from Weinstein's schedule in January earned over 50 comments from irate Depp supporters. The occasional conspiracy theory aside ("Disney is paying someone something somewhere to make sure it doesn't come out until AFTER Pirates II, as they want Johnny Depp's rep to remain PG rated until then..." wrote Sally Solomon), most of those who wrote in were simply dismayed over the fact that they wouldn't be able to see the film in a theater near them.

Well, don't get too excited just yet, but it looks like perhaps that dire situation has changed. Whilst browsing The Weinstein Company's official site this morning (FYI: the Pulseremake has been delayed until July, which must mean someone thinks it's capable of opening big), I noticed that The Libertine is back up there – and this time with a release date of March 10. Neither that page, nor the film's official page, give any sort of details regarding the scope of the rollout, but Box Office Mojo has the release marked as "National". I sent an email this morning to TWC's publicity department; keep your eyes on this post, because as soon I have more details, I'll add an update.

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