We noted with sadness this weekend the deaths of both Don Knotts and Darren McGavin. When I saw both had died, a little light blinked in the back of my head, remembering certain movies from my childhood. Sure enough, Knotts and McGavin appeared together in two Disney movies from the 1970s.

The above image is from Hot Lead and Cold Feet, a Western in the same comic vein as the earlier Apple Dumpling Gang (which my whole family loved back in the day). In the 1978 film, McGavin and Knotts play a small-town mayor and sheriff who are entangled in a scramble for a family fortune. Ultimate Disney has a full review, which is good because I barely remembered the movie.

Knotts and McGavin also appeared earlier in a Disney caper film, No Deposit, No Return, which I do remember pretty well. In this 1976 comedy, they're third-rate safe crackers who sort-of kidnap a couple of kids that (surprise) turn out to be more trouble than they're worth. Again, Ultimate Disney has a thorough review. Both movies are available on DVD, if you want to hold your own film retrospective for the two actors.
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