You know that big announcement that Apple's Steve Jobs is scheduled to make this afternoon? Our friend C.K. Sample over at The Unofficial Apple Weblog is speculating that the new big roll out has nothing to do with the new Mac tablet or iPod Video, or any other new hardware gadget caught in the web of hopeful rumor. C.K. says, "The announcement is going to be all about movies coming to the iTMS."

He's got three bits of evidence. First, iTunes used New Music Tuesday to debut a batch of Oscar nominated short films in the Music Store; second, the people who usually get tipped off when Apple debuts new hardware (like Kevin Rose of Digg) seem to have no such edge this week; and lastly, there's this article from CNN Money, by Owen Thomas of Business 2.0. Thomas sites Jobs' buddy-buddy relationship with Disney, the sucess of the iTunes TV show business, and the relatively short-notice nature of these procedings, as reasons to believe that "Apple might go Hollywood".

What do you think about this? The TUAW readers, as usual, take C.K.'s provocation and run with it, and I think the very first two comments on the post are on to something. "Oscars are this week also, a perfect time to roll out some advertisements," writes Ryan Meyers. "I really hope this happens, been waiting for this forever. Instant-cinema." Not everyone is so excited: LD writes: "Would be a shame if it's just movies. I don't want to watch movies on an iPod and without a "media center" type of solution I can't really watch on my 50" plasma, not to mention the quality is crap from iTMS." As C.K. points out, Ryan Block from our big brother Engadget was one of the select members of the press invited down to the Cupertino event. It all leads me to believe that Jobs might not just be rolling out new content – he might also have a new kind of hardware for us to play it on.

The announcement goes down around 10 AM PST/1 PM EST. We'll be watching Engadget and TUAW's live coverage with bated breath.