When it came time for my Oscar predictions, I felt it would be best to stray from my fellow Cinematical writers and take things a bit more seriously. Seeing as I've used my trusty Magic 8 Ball to help decide every decision I've ever had to make throughout my entire life (except for when I was four and my stuffed bunny showed me the way), it only seemed fair to turn to my favorite rounded black liquid-filled friend for those ever-so-important Oscar answers.

Most of you probably view the Magic 8 Ball as some toy, an amusing object used to taunt your significant other when I was faced with the decision to either marry her or not. However, this is no toy - there's some pretty intense Gandolf the Grey magic going on inside this puppy.

Now, in order to successfully predict an Oscar award using your Magic 8 Ball, you first must be at complete peace with yourself and your surroundings. May I suggest taking a Valium or watching The Constant Gardener - either one should sedate you long enough so that you'll be relaxed upon prediction time. All that's left is a witness (thanks to my friend Adam for taking the following pictures) and, of course, your own Magic 8 Ball. Play safe and enjoy!



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