While I generally manage not to get emotionally attached to the stars Hollywood tries to sell us, I will fight anyone who dares speak an unpleasant word about Morgan Freeman. Not only a great actor but also an incredibly thoughtful, intelligent person, the man is a near-deity - and he proved it again recently in an interview with the BBC's Radio Times.

The interview is refreshingly free of the cautious, PC-babble that most of the industry offers to national magazines, and includes discussion of why Freeman won't call himself African-American, how knew he would win (but probably didn't deserve) the Best Supporting Actor Oscar last year, and what he thinks of the Oscars in general. In addition, Freeman talked about the film he's currently developing about an African-American (sorry, Morgan) "tank battalion that spent 183 days on the frontline in France" during World War II. According to the actor, "They were cannon fodder and nobody hears about these guys because they were black. There's no-one to blame but us. It's not prejudice. People write about their own kind." The screenplay is credited to Gregory Allen Howard; Freeman's official relationship is with the still-untitled film is unclear.

[via Cinema Strikes Back]
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