While spewing a whole lot of fan-friendly crap about horror being a genre that "really encourages audience participation" and pretending that they'll actually use anything made by one of us, Universal have come up with a way to get more people to visit the website for Slither. According to their press release, the studio wants fans to put together an ad for the movie, using either downloadable "Universal-supplied assets including clips, music cues, sound FX and graphics," or a Flash editing tool embedded in the official site. While the concept - a fan-made ad spot running on TV, cash and groovy Slither prizes (an autographed piece of Michael Rooker's rotting flesh would be awesome - just a suggestion) for the best of the bunch - is pretty cool, the fact is that, unless unexpected magic happens, the thing isn't going to run. Ever. To Universal's credit, they're not lying about it - just hoping that excited fanboys won't notice that it says "the grand prize winner will receive...the chance [emphasis added] for the spot to air on television."

Cynicism aside, however, the winner also gets $25,000, which is hard to complain about, even if no one who doesn't work for Universal ever sees your spot. Plus, the movie a) gives us a chance to see Michael Rooker, and b) is about slugs. When you come right down to it, Slither's hard not to love.

[via Rotten Tomatoes]
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