Mickey Rourke, like much of America's geek culture (myself perhaps reluctantly included) has fallen head over heels for Sin City director Robert Rodriguez.  Apparently, Sin City was one of the most enjoyable experiences Mickey has had as an actor - which I don't find surprising in the least - and now has high hopes of working with Robert in as many upcoming projects as he can get involved in. With that plan in mind, Mickey has apparently made the most logical decision available; move to Austin. Rob is, of course, famous for basing out of his Texas studios instead of mixing with the A-crowd at the traditional Hollywood locales. Mickey is being quoted as saying  "I'm moving there as soon as my lease is up. Rodriguez is the king of Austin. Maybe I'll be the queen."

I was with you until that last sentence, Rourke. There are plenty of royalty options that don't have to wear dresses-maybe you could be the Prince of Austin, or the Earl or Duke or something. I can't deal with the mental images assosciated with Queen Mickey and King Rob.
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