As part of their divorce from Miramax, starting Friday Disney will be selling off "thousands of props and wardrobe items from Miramax's Weinstein era" via an online auction. In addition to opening up a hell of a lot of closet space in the Disney house, the auctions will also benefit each company's charities, so it's warm and fuzzy all around. On the Disney side, proceeds will go into the coffers of the Entertainment Industry Foundation, while the Weinstein brothers will use the auction as a chance to kick off their new Max Family Foundation, named in honor of their father.

Among the items up for grabs (at eBay and are one of Renée Zellweger's size -4 dresses from Chicago and Michael Meyer's mask from Halloween H20, as well as some bits from Spy Kids, Shakespeare in Love, and The Cider House Rules. Get clicking, kids. Just keep telling yourself it's for a good cause - that makes it ok to spend, spend, spend!
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