Today's odds and ends:
  • If you've wondered why John Travolta makes crap like Battlefield Earth, Swordfish, and Be Cool, it's not because he has terrible taste, or is desperate for cash. Instead, it's simply because nobody's sending him the kind of scripts he really wants (and he's apparently unable these days to go a year without working) - so he's taken the bull by the horns and written his own damn screenplay. Apparently the movie he's been waiting for is a romantic tear-jerker, complete with a theme song (which he plans to sing, thanks very much) and, just maybe, a costar named Olivia Newton-John.
  • Just so no one else could have it, Warner Brothers bought the rights to Kite, "an intense fictional drama that examines corruption in the California prison system." The screenplay was bought with the intention of making the movie through Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Simpson's Appian Way production house; the great Leo himself may even star.
  • It's being reported that James Cameron will soon be returning to the comfortable water world in which he's spent most of his professional time in the 10 years since Titanic. In addition to whatever the hell he's going to be directing next (is it the mysterious Project 880? Is it Battle Angel? Do you care?), Camereon will also be producingThe Dive, a feature based on "Francisco Ferreras and Audrey Mustre...[former] world-record holders in freediving." Cameron has reportedly been interested in their story for a long time, and is planning to shoot the movie with his own special 3D technology. Freediving and 3D madness? Well, that's an unexpected combination.
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