When Hollywood eventually decides to remake this 2005 French comedy into a Julia Roberts vehicle, I'm sure they will retain the scene in which the indecisive heroine, played by Emmanuelle Devos, swallows the engagement ring her boyfriend has hidden in her cup of yogurt. I doubt, however, that they will include the scene that follows, where the heroine rediscovers the ring in her own shit, and then proceeds to spread the shit out all over the bathroom floor and dig through it with rubber gloves. Some things just beg to be lost in translation. Good Girl, like some other recent French comedies, focuses on the choices of a quirky, Rubenesque female who must run a gauntlet of even quirkier men in the hopes of discovering the bliss of urban couplehood. In this case, the list of suitors includes a mental patient who is also a possible stalker, a scientist who is a potential child molester, and a man who insists that after buying our heroine a cup of tea, he should be able to escort her directly across the street to a hotel. Did I mention the fire-eater?
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