Some of you may have heard (read, whatever) some recent Marvel rumors floating around the web over the last 24-48 hours regarding a return of the Daredevil  to film. The most popular form of the rumor suggests the possible film will be direct-to-DVD; nearly every incarnation of the rumor I've found so far seems to suggest the Matthew Murdock persona will pass on from Ben Affleck to Roswell's Jason Behr. Apparently, Affleck can't even land himself a fake rumored direct-to-DVD spot these days.

Apart from vague rumor, there seems to be little basis for this new popular theory. From what I can tell, most of the stories point to the notoriously fallible Wikipedia as their source; and at this point, someone has already amended the article. However, the rumor persists, and so we share it with you-with the disclaimer that you should be exceptionally hesitant for now. If anyone out there has more solid sources, throw em our way.
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