The recent flurry of pilot announcements (as has been the case for a few years) has a lot of actors and actress who we normally associate with movies heading to television. While the trend is well-established enough that most of the names aren't worth noting, the fact that Spike Lee is directing a pilot is undeniably newsworthy. To the point, Lee's has only dabbled in television, primary with movies and specials. The pilot, for a show called Shark about "an L.A. celebrity attorney who decides to become a prosecutor instead," stars James freaking Woods. Like Lee, Woods - a multi-Emmy winner for his work in cable movies - will be heading to network TV for the first time.

According to Lee, his own participation is due entirely to the fact that Imagine TV is behind the project. Having just finished Inside Man with Imagine, the director had such a good experience that he found he couldn't say no to the pilot. Woods? Maybe he's just bored.

Though there are still a lot of variables here - Lee actually was announced as the director of pilots twice before, and neither was ever shot - I can't be the only one whose Tivo would happily devote an hour/week to the team of James Woods and Spike Lee.

[via ALOTT5MA]
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