According to a post at The Hollywood Reporter's Risky Biz Blog, everyone associated with Douglas McGrath's Infamous is hoping that Philip Seymour Hoffman is a loser at Sunday's Oscar ceremony. Why? Well, Infamous is also about Truman Capote's relationship with killers Dick Hickock and Perry Smith, albeit from a slightly different angle (it's based on George Plimpton's book about said relationship, whereas Capote's source is a book by Gerald Clarke).

McGrath's film, which will be hit theaters in New York and LA in October, stars Toby Jones as Capote, Sandra Bullock as Harper Lee, and Daniel Craig, that bit of Bond-y goodness, as Smith. Also appearing in the film (and supposedly hating on Hoffman) are an array of stars, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Sigourney Weaver and Isabella Rossellini. But here's what I don't get: why would a Hoffman loss be better for Infamous than a win? It's not as if the movie won't get distribution if he wins, or something - Warner Independent Pictures already has the rights. And Capote's profile couldn't possibly get any higher, so the competition won't be anything new. I'm not sure I buy this whole "they want Hoffman to looooooose!" angle.