Looking to make their song a bit more family-friendly for this Sunday's Academy Awards, members of Three Six Mafia transformed "It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp" into something millions of people can watch without writing letter upon letter to ABC.

The signature song from Hustle and Flow will mark the first ever rap-performance at the Oscars, though all the curses have been removed. However (and thank Jesus for this one), the word "bitches" will be allowed. While I find it hysterical that a song about pimps will be rapped to some of the richest and whitest folks in America, something tells me that, even with this warning, ABC and the Academy will still face a nasty backlash...especially if it wins Best Song. Oh, my fingers are certainly crossed.

And speaking of a backlash and the people that contribute towards one, FamilyMediaGuide.com has compiled a list of the Oscar nominated films that carry the most curse words. Coming in at number one this year is Crash with 182 expletives, including 99 F-bombs. Everyone's favorite gay cowboy flick Brokeback Mountain came in second with 92 naughty phrases and Munich slid into third with only 22.