Remember New Line's "edgy" promo game for Running Scared? The one where you got to play the back of Paul Walker's head, and orally pleasure his wife? Well, it's gone. Sad, I know. New Line offered no explanation to the dozens of teenage boys heartbroken by the game's departure, but there are a handful of possible reasons for their action (some more likely than others). For one thing, the movie's out - maybe they think promotion isn't necessary any more. That said, however, the TV is still packed with ads for Brokeback Mountain, so there's no way that's it. Another option is that, after repeated complaints from public interest groups such as the National Institute on Media and the Family, New Line was just sick of listening to the whining. But you know they loved the internet buzz, which had to have brought them way more attention than the isolated complaints, so, again, probably not the real reason the game was pulled.

The most likely reason is very simple: the movie bombed, which makes New Line suits much less interested in both buzz and dealing with complaints - if, however, Running Scared had made $30 million last weekend, it'd be impossible to shut them up about the power of their racy promotion. Actually, it's probably just as well that it didn't make tons of money because if it had, the web would be overrun by cunnilingus promos, which would be deeply unsettling.
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