Alfonso Cuaron, a member of the revolving door of directors attached to the Harry Potter film franchise, has indicated that he would enjoy a chance to return to the series. Cuaron directed the third film, Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban, and says that while he is not currently interested in working on another Potter film, he'd seriously entertain the idea of returning sometime in the future, should he be given the chance. Cauron raved about the Potter-verse, saying, "I can tell you that I spent the most beautiful two years of my life doing Harry Potter. Everything around the J.K. Rowling product is surrounded by this very beneficial energy."

Woo. I dunno, man. I mean, I dig me some Harry Potter, but seriously - the most beautiful two years of your life? Must have been some kind of experience. I'm down with the "beneficial energy" deal though, presuming by that you mean the sucker is a gold mine of commercialism. Beneficial probably doesn't even begin to describe it. Again, don't get me wrong - I count myself amoung the myriad of Potter fans - I'm just taken aback by the intensity of that statement. Of course, who am I to know?
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