It's official: Beck has lost his damn mind. Based on the abundant evidence of a single feature, he has elevated Napoleon Dynamite director Jared Hess into the film stratosphere alongside none other than Federico Fellini. Seriously. That really happened. Talking to a stunned Rolling Stone reporter, Beck dropped the following bomb: "No filmmaker since Fellini has had such an eye for amazing characters [as Hess]." Um, wow. Read that carefully, now: I realize he's not comparing Hess' visual style to that of Fellini, but still - in Beck's personal world of great characters, there are only two masters, and one of the is Jared Hess. Man, if Wong Kar Wai knew who Beck was, he would totally come kick his ass, and Michelangelo Antonioni might just tie him to a chair and force him to watch The Passenger over and over again.

Sadly for those two, the lack of Beck love means that he'll never, ever score one of their films. Since his first ever foray into movie scores will be for Hess' Nacho Libre, he clearly has very high standards for such things - if Fellini were alive, he'd be the only other man with a shot. In addition to scoring Hess' film, Beck will also contribute songs to the soundtrack (though it's unclear if they'll be new recordings); the movie hits theaters June 2.
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