As we reported way back in August, Sandra Bullock, as part of her bid to appear in fewer stupid movies, agreed to star in Premonition, a supernatural thriller about "a housewife (Bullock) whose husband dies in a car crash and who is shocked when he appears alive the next day." Good call, Sandy - there's no way this one can be stupid. The dead/not dead hubby will be played by Julian McMahon who, given his experience as a demon husband on Charmed, should find this job a piece of cake. (Oh, wait - according to the IMDB, he's not dead, it was a premonition. Bummer)

Since the movie is currently filming in Shreveport, LA (they won't be put off by a little hurricane), it's a good thing that casting has finally been completed - joining Bullock in (not) being haunted will be Nia Long, Amber Valletta, and Kate Nelligan. Long is set to play Bullock's best friend, and Nelligan will be her mother. Valletta, needless to say, is the movie's designated Hot Chick, and will be having extramarital sex with McMahon. (That sound you hear is a nation of teenage boys suddenly becoming very interested seeing a Sandra Bullock movie.)
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