I have to admit that I am, indeed, a pretty big Chuck Palahniuk fan. Once a year or so he makes his way into my neighborhood for a book reading/signing and the question asked most frequently of him is, "Hey Chuck, when is (insert one of his books) being made into a movie?" Most of the time he'll go into some diatribe about how one is too controversial, another is waiting for a re-write and so on and so forth. And it always amazes me how, even though Fight Club has reached this cult-like status, till this day we have not seen another Palahniuk book adapted for the screen.

Well, word has leaked onto AICN that my personal favorite of his, Choke, may be going into production this month...even though nothing official has been announced. According to the spy, Palahniuk told him the film would be starring Susan Sarandon as the Mother, with Ryan Gosling and Heath Ledger competing for the lead role. Sure, it seems promising, but how in the world could this be going down in a matter of days and no one knows a thing about it?

In the book, a sex addict's thirst for attention forces him to start choking in restaurants on purpose, while doing his best to solve the massive issues he has with his mother. Personally, there's no way I can see Ledger in this role and so, if it's between those two, I'd have to go with Gosling. Then again, is this rumor even true to begin with?

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