According to Variety, Disney has made a major deal with composer Alan Menken to – essentially – make Menken a major part of their film and entertainment properties. Menken is, of course, the Oscar-nominated composer who first burst on the scene with Disney's The Little Mermaid (although Broadway aficionados know him from Little Shop of Horrors long before that).


The Variety story doesn’t talk dollars, but it lists an impressive series of upcoming projects on Menken's slate: The animated film Enchanted; another animated film, The Frog Princess; and work for Disney's theme park and musical theater divisions including stage adaptations of both Sister Act and The Little Mermaid. Menken's also working on the music for a Sinbad attraction for 's Disneyland . The Variety story doesn't mention what impact, if any, Pixar's take-over of Disney Imagineering (the division that shapes and directs the theme parks) as part of the recent Disney-Pixar deal will have on Menken's future theme park-work. Menken's work can next be seen on the big screen with his score for The Shaggy Dog; Menken's best-known work was crafted with the late Howard Ashman, who passed away from AIDS-related causes in 1991.  

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