In discussing his upcoming graphic novel-to-film adaptation V for Vendetta, producer Joel Silver calls it a "smart" action film, comparing it with previous Wachowski effort The Matrix, in contrast to many other action flicks Joel has worked on. While Joel acknowledges that he enjoyed working on general action films as well (quote: "Look, I've made a lot of stupid action films in my life, which, by the way, I'm proud of") he says that there is something more provocative and interesting about action films which "masquerade" as something else. According to Joel, "smart action" films such as Vendetta and Matrix carry a greater box office risk than your standard variety action flick, because they are complex, difficult to swallow, and at times tough to understand. He goes on to say that Vendetta doesn't even have much of the type of action he's used to working with- there are a few explosions and knife fights, but overall the film will be a "dialog laced" product.

Thoughts? I can't say I'm particularly jazzed about the upcoming Vendetta film - Alan Moore and the various companies involved with his work have left me too irritated/disappointed to expect much from a film adaptation. However, I'm willing to have my mind changed, if anyone wants to throw down some persuasive arguments.
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