Hi; my name's James Rocchi, and today I have the pleasure and the honor of taking over from Karina Longworth as the editor-in-chief of Cinematical. Rest assured, there aren't going to be any radical changes – we're still going to be the place you come for movie news from the art house curiosities to the spandex-clad would-be-blockbusters. And yet, at the same time, we will be making a few new changes – adding a few new writers, and giving some new opportunities to the gang you already know so well.

But never mind what we're planning – what do you want from Cinematical? Why do you come here? What needs changing? What else could we be covering? What would it take to make you say to your friends and relations, "Hey, you have to check out this site …"? Please feel free to speak your piece in the comments below, or just mail me at James.Rocchi@cinematical.com … and I look forward to hearing what you have to say about how we can make one of your favorite movie sites even better.