Novelist Dennis Lehane, whose Hollywood career once seemed to have begun and ended with the successful adaptation of his Mystic River, has seen his star rise rather dramatically over the past few months. It's already been announced that Ben Affleck's directorial debut, Gone, Baby, Gone, is based on a Lehane novel (from Clint Eastwood to Affleck - I'm sure he's so proud), and now comes the news that Oscar-nominated A History of Violence scribe Josh Olson has written and will direct Until Gwen, a film based on a short story by Lehane. The story, which Olsen describes as "one of the best...I've ever read," is "a dark crime drama that explores a relationship between a father who is a con man and a son who has been raised on the edges of society." Among other things, the story deals with the issue of identity, which is one of the reasons for Olsen's interest.

Olsen's screenplay is already finished and has won praise from Lehane; the movie is about to star casting and will shoot later this year with a budget of less than $10 million.
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