A quick announcement for those of you rabidly awaiting the coming of the newestX-Menflick (even those of you - you know who you are - who are secretly waiting to revel in your own pity mixed with self-righteousness when the film is a giant geek disappointment despite being a commercial success) you can catch your next significant glimpse of the upcoming X-action on March 6th. The spot will air sometime during the 8-10pm time slot, during a special two hour episode of the hit Fox television series 24.

For those of you who don't like 24, don't have Tivo, or simply don't want to bother, the sucker will no doubt hit the internet only moments later, where you can find it, download it, watch it repeatedly, dissect it frame by frame for content and clues, and then complain loudly to the internet world about what you found. Oh, and be sure to let me know what you found- that would definitely be Cinematical posting material. Happy (or unhappy, at your preference) viewing!
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