Today is Ash Wednesday. Doesn't that mean we're all supposed to spend the day watching an Evil Dead movie, in which Ash Williams valiantly (and goofily) battles a variety of undead creatures? Shouldn't we reflect on the goodness of Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi teaming up for three sometimes-scary, sometimes-hilarious films? I'm surprised none of the theaters in town are screening Evil Dead 2.

I know, I know, for most people this is not what Ash Wednesday is about, and I don't mean to be disrespectful. (I grew up Catholic and spent many Ash Wednesdays with a big smudge on my forehead, deciding what to give up for Lent.) But some of us will use any excuse to drag out the DVD collection and debate whether we should watch the director's cut of Army of Darkness or the theatrical cut. I prefer the theatrical cut myself—I love that S-Mart ending. The commentary track with Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, and Ivan Raimi is a hoot. Or are you a purist who prefers the less humorous horror of the original Evil Dead film?
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