Today's groovy odds and ends:
  • Radar Pictures was so taken with the pitch for a comedy called Lucky's Last Stand that they not only bought the thing on spec but actually plan to produce it. Who's Lucky? Why, I'm glad you asked: he's "a one-legged homeless man who finds a special, cleated, wooden leg that enables him to become the new star kicker for the San Francisco 49ers." Hollywood, I hereby apologize for constantly ripping you for being out of ideas. Clearly, there was one left.
  • Many wives would be freaked out if their husband bought the life rights of "a...woman who raised her daughters by hosting passion parties and selling marital sex toys out of her car," and then asked them to star in the movie version. Lucky for Touchstone Pictures, however, Téa Leoni is not one of those wives. So ,keep an eye out for the David Duchovny-produced, Leoni-starring Funlady, a movie that Duchovny is sure will be "inspiring, colorful and...very funny, " not to mention full of vibrators.
  • John Unholz's spec for Comic Book: The Movie, a "superhero the vein of the Scary Movie franchise and...Date Movie," went out to studios last Thursday morning. The subject of a reported studio feeding frenzy, it was snatched up by Dimension by the end of business that day for an amount rumored to be just under $1 million. Not bad for guy with a totally derivative concept who's never written a movie before, huh?
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