The long-simmering dispute over production credits for Crash exploded Wednesday - which, not coincidentally, was the day after Oscar voting ended. Funny how the sainthood falls away the moment the ballots are in, huh? The conflict between producers Cathy Schulman and Tom Nunan and real estate mogul/denied producer Bob Yari is incredibly ugly, filled with lawsuits, accusations of theft, and personal attacks.

Yari is suing both the Producers Guild of America and the Academy, both of whom denied him production credit for the film - oh, and he also took out a full page ad in the trade papers yesterday, proclaiming that the Academy "abdicated its responsibility and impartiality and in so doing, put its reputation and the worldwide telecast of our industry's most anticipated award show at risk." Why, he's just interested in the Academy's reputation - really, the lawsuits are for the industry's own good. Poor, misunderstood mogul.