My brother emailed me last weekend asking what I knew about Paul Weitz's American Dreamz, the new satire from the brilliant/idiotic (depending on your point of view on teen sex comedies) mind that brought us American Pie. Because I'm a helpful sister, I went to the IMDB and read him the summary - it turns out that, were he still living in LA (he's not), he could have gone to an advance screening of the thing. Basically, he just wanted to know what he'd missed by moving to the Midwest; based on the screening reports just posted at AICN, the answer is "not much."

Though it's sometimes a challenge to see the movie through the hyperbole in AICN's fan reports, one thing comes through clearly here: the movie is a bit of a mess. At best the narrative is poorly constructed ("very jumpy," if you will); at worst it's "90 minutes of 'Bush is dumb, American Idol is dumb,' man-handled by a writer incapable of reconciling the two concepts." Ouch. But hey, at least Dennis Quaid is good! Go read for yourselves, if you're curious about the film. Two warnings, though: one of the reviews is filled with annoying, over-the-top profanity, and both are heavily spoiler-laden.

Crappy or not, American Dreamz is released in the US on April 21.
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