X-actress Halle Berry seems to finally be satisfied with the role she's playing in the X-Men film franchise. Through whining enough to irritate Marvel fans and the general public as well, Berry has made it well known over the past several years that she has been largely dissatisfied with her character's portrayal - perhaps understandably so. At any rate, Berry has recently gone on the record praising new director Brett Ratner for helping to bring a real emotional character to the part of Storm. Said Berry: "I know Brett was really instrumental in making that happen," she said. "He's really been a supporter of finding a voice for the character." Berry is also pleased that her character will finally get to fly in the newest movie, which is certainly a development most of Marveldom should be happy about.

Yes, maybe Berry has a bit of room to complain - but it's not like she was tricked into taking the part. Maybe I don't tolerate her complaining well because I don't like her casting in the first place; or maybe it's because I'm rather ambivalent towards the character of Storm, and so I don't mind that she was relegated to what more or less amounts to a supporting role in the films. At any rate, I suppose it is good that the character will be a bit more "real" and fleshed out in the new film - although I, like most Marvel fans, remain afraid for the quality of part three.
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