John Boorman (whose page at the IMDB includes the helpful information that he's sometimes credited at "himself"), who single-handedly destroyed the idea of a quiet wilderness getaway for whole generation of American men when he unleashed Deliverance upon the world in 1972, hasn't spent much cinematical time in the US since then. Instead, most of his work has been based in Ireland and the UK, locations to which he'll be returning when A Tiger's Tale begins shooting in Dublin next month.

The movie, which Boorman also wrote, sounds freaking awesome. It's about an Irishman who, after a "chance encounter," is "pursued by a murderous replica of himself." WHOA. It's like Borges wrote a movie, or something - what an incredibly cool concept (this is where you tell it's been done brilliantly six times already, and provide titles in the comments so I can go see for myself). Also encouraging is the news that the outrageously talented Brendan Gleeson is set to star. Though kids these days tend to know Gleeson only from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, he's a longtime Boorman collaborator whose performance in the title role of The General is great enough to make you never want to see another movie again. There is, however, some bad news: Kim Cattrall is in it. In, like, a major role. Actually, I'm dealing with this information by pretending that I never had it. A Tiger's Tale is going to rock, dammit.

[via Dark Horizons]
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