Bloggers are writing some unusual stuff in the name of Oscar this week:
  • The Gurgling Cod normally focuses on food, not film. However, this week, The 'Fesser provides tips on the best ways to prepare cuisine using ... Oscar nominees.  I'm particularly amused by the Phoenix Family Turducken, but you might prefer Keener carpaccio or braised shank of Giamatti.
  • At The New York Times, David Carr (aka The Bagger) compiles a list of all the annoying pseudo-news about the Oscars that he hates. The list includes Oscar bloggers: "As a group, they are forced to feed a perpetual-motion machine with all sorts of rants, non-sequitur links, and theories built out of chicken wire, gum, and duct tape." And The Carpetbagger isn't part of that machine? Oh-kay. [via The Reeler]
  • Doug Cummings at filmjourney reviews all the Oscar-nominated shorts, figuring (correctly) that most of us haven't heard of or seen the films even in their recent limited tour of the U.S. Now I feel guilty that I missed the shorts on their two-day run in Austin last week.
  • Edward Copeland describes the first time he felt the Oscars betrayed him, and invites the rest of us to do the same. He also lists a number of Oscars that he believes were mistakes, from the silent era through the current decade. [via Green Cine Daily]