Michael Cuesta, who exploded into the consciousness of the movie industry in 2001 with L.I.E.(what The Hollywood Reporter likes to call his "acclaimed pedophile drama") hasn't had a film in distribution since, though his Twelve and Holding was seen at a few festivals last year. Over the past four years, he spent some time directing Six Feet Under, nourishing a dark, morbid streak that appears to have influenced his choice of a follow-up to L.I.E.: Cuesta will direct the horror thriller Shiver for Dimension Films.

Shiver tells the story of "a group of New Year's Eve revelers who get in a car crash and are stranded in a Minnesota snowstorm." So far so good, right? Not so scary - some odd accents, maybe, but nothing even drunk partiers can't handle. Where the horror comes in, however, is when, in their search for shelter, the strandees happen upon the home of "a widowed doctor obsessed with torture as a scientific study." Yikes. And what makes this story even more creepy is that, without any explanation whatsoever, it's described as "inspired by true events." Excuse me now while I run out of the room in terror.
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