Look out: the Oscar Eats craze is sweeping the internet! In addition to the actor-specific dishes that Jette pointed to in her latest Group Hug, the folks at All Recipes have also jumped on the bandwagon, outdoing themselves with a complete evening of dishes in the name of each Best Picture nominee. The Brokeback Mountain menu, for example, is made up of Texas Cowboy Stew, Terry’s Texas Pinto Beans, The Humble Shepherd, and Top Secret Apple Pie (which, I'll tell you now, is a total ripoff - there's nothing secret about it at all). Hands down the best one, though, is the menu inspired by Capote. In addition to two different BBQ dishes and some buttermilk honey wheat bread, it includes two crucial offerings for your guests that even Capote himself would have understood: baby food and gum.

[via Slashfood]
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