Today's odds and ends:
  • Hands up, who wants to spend some time expanding their minds with David Lynch? For a fee of just over $100, the experience can be yours: nested on a campus in Indiana Iowa, you and other Lynch-ites can spend a weekend enjoying organic vegetarian food, listening to the man himself talk about Filmmaking, Consciousness, and the Creative Process, and learning about "Samadhi: the fourth major state of consciousness." Did I mention the food? [via Pop Candy]
  • John Cusack, apparently tired of making a lot of money for annoying me (and being loved by the whole rest of the world), is taking a very, very indie turn with Grace is Gone, which he'll produce and star in as a man whose military wife is killed in Iraq. After learning of her death, he takes their two daughters on a cross-country road trip that is sure to feature lots of sugary sweetness, combined with hard lessons absorbed with a smile. I can't wait.
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