IESB's got a new interview up with Robert Downey Jr. that's ostensibly about The Shaggy Dog, but he talks about a few other projects, as well. Because I love you, I sat through the entire thing - which involves far too much studio-mandated talk about how great an actor the dog is (apparently no one can shut up about his brilliance) and a strange effort by Downey to portray his Token Bad Guy character as a lesson to kids - in order to glean the few interesting tidbits that appear at the very end.

First, though he doesn't actually speak about it, Downey appears to be very fired up indeed about A Scanner Darkly, at least if rubbing his hands together and cackling with glee at its mere mention is any indication. Second, he thinks it would be a good idea to remake Weird Science. He really said that, almost totally unprompted. I don't get it either, particularly because the interviewer didn't think to ask for details about why such a thing might be necessary. Third and most bizarrely, Downey is in informal talks with Sylvester Stallone to star in Poe, a biopic written and directed by Sly himself. While it's remarkably easy to picture Downey as Poe (my mental image looks pretty much just like he did in Chaplin, except with a more elaborate mustache), the thought of Stallone giving Downey acting direction is almost too demented to comprehend.

[via Moviehole]
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