After writing and directing the wildly popular Pump Up the Volume, Allan Moyle picked up his filmmaking pace (to that point he'd been averaging about a movie every decade), and enjoyed moderate indie-style success with The Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag and Empire Records. Since then, however, it's been 10 years of relative silence (apart, I mean from his brilliant TV movie, Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story) from the director.

According to this morning's Variety, Moyle back, this time with an indie film with enough cute boys in it to guarantee both a release and a solid audience of teenage girls. Set to star Scott Speedman, Wes Bentley (where the hell has he been, anyway?) and Hustle & Flow's Taryn Manning, Weirdsville is about two "hapless slackers" - that's industry code for morons - who, while trying to bury the body of their buddy who (oops) just ODed, "stumble on a satanic cult performing a ritual." Oh, and it's a comedy. Of course it is. Written by Willem Wennekers, the movie is being produced by Darius Films, a small, Toronto-based company, and has already secured US and Canadian distribution - we should see it sometime next year.
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