Sure, it's an honor just to be nominated. But for those poor folks who don't get to take home a naked golden man, it isn't all bad: StarStyle Salon got a peek inside the swag bags for the nominees who don't win an Oscar on Sunday night, and the spoils for the loser are pretty sweet. The losers get a $27,000 luxury gift package at the Las Vegas Mirage Hotel and Casino (hey, that would be pretty cool if I actually liked Vegas), which includes tickets to lots of cool things, a massage, food, a bottle of Cristal, and presumably lots of first-class ass-kissing.

The bags also include a Wonderbra (that'll be great for the guys like George Clooney who have to gain weight and grow man-boobs for a part), personal training to help eliminate the flab after the film is done shooting, Brazilian swimwear (which will probably require waxing of unsightly body hair in some fairly sensitive places), and a supply of K-Y Touch Massage lubes for...well, for relaxing after all that working out and waxing.

You can check out the full list of loser swag here. Not sure what the winners get, but hey, if this is what you get for being a loser, I can only imagine.