Just a quick note for those of you who like to find further information to pad your "X-Men 3 is going to suck" argument; a new photograph has been circulating which lends considerable credence to your argument. Click here to see an utterly disenchanting picture of Vinnie Jones as the less-than enormous Juggernaut. However, for those of you who hold out hope for the film, or who simply disagree with all the negative assessments issuing forth from the geek quarter, keep in mind that this picture is obviously not meant to look particularly impressive - dude isn't even wearing his helmet. It may be a good idea to pay heed to Brett Ratner's insistence that we should disregard anything other than official Fox released photos, because amateur and non-published photographs will never do an adequate job of conveying what we will see on the silver screen. Juggernaut will no doubt be graphically enhanced in some manner for the film, and that could make a huge (no pun intended) difference. Nonetheless...that is one STUPID looking picture, Vin.
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